Allen Shaw



Allan Shaw wurde 1973 in Indien geboren und lebt in Berlin.

"I am a Berlin based illustrator and storyteller. I have a passion for travelling and recording my journeys in my sketchbooks. These travelogues are essentially pen and watercolours sketches with a few words sprinkled in. My quest for discovering new places, cultures and people through my sketchbooks has taken me from the majestic heights of the himalayan range in Leh to the rice fields of Wajima in Japan, from the sun soaked beaches of South France to the small islands of Croatia, from the grandeur of Gaudis architecture in Spain to the colourful people of Kutchh. From the nearly postcard perfect landscapes of Switzerland to the streets filled with history in Poland. From tracing the ghosts of the communist past of Hungary and Russia to quaint little villages in Italy. From painting themes from a quiet little German city called Erlangen to covering the mood of Berlin. I hope to continue travelling and sharing my stories through my sketches."


Oktober 2009, Gruppenausstellung für den Kunstverein Erlangen, Galerie im Treppen Haus
November 2010, Gruppenausstellung im Gewölbekeller, Martin-Luther-Platz, Erlangen
November 2010, erste Einzelausstellung “Quo Vadis”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad, India
Juni 2011, Ausstellung “50 years of National Institute of Design (NID), an exhibition of 50 illustrations”, NID, Ahmedabad, India
September 2012, erste Einzelausstellung in Deutschland “Everywhereman”, VHS Erlangen
Januar 2013, “On the Road”, Stadtwerke Erlangen
Dezember 2013, Gruppenausstellung "Kreativ Stadt", Weissensee, Berlin
März 2014, Velo Berlin, Halle 13, "Illustrations and art around the Pedersen bicycle", Berlin
April 2014, "Hobo’s Lullaby", an exhibition of illustrations, and gypsy stories at the Alliance Francaise, Ahmedabad, India.
Januar 2015, "Vishamo", an exhibition of illustrations, at Gallery People Tree Rajkot, India
März 2015, Velo Berlin, Halle 13, "Bicycle Illustrations", Berlin
August 2015, Teilahme bei den "Berlin Graphic Days", Urban Spree Galerie, Berlin
August 2015 "watercolour sketches"[nbsp] Cozy camp, Auvergne, Frankreich
August 2015 Gruppenausstellung "Kreativ Stadt", Toscana Halle,Weissensee, Berlin
Oktober 2015 - März 2016, "Gypsy Stories by Allen Shaw", The Project Cafe, Ahmedabad, India
Dezember 2015, "Dhrupad [&] I", ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Allen Shaw und Dhrupad Shukla, Ahmedabad, India